Bespoke Yachting Agency Services

At Med1, we combine resources and skills to provide an extensive range of agency services to meet the increasing demands of contemporary yacht management.

Port Services

Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide guidance and assistance on a wide range of port services. Whether you require advice on local regulations and VAT or information and guidance with local itineraries and anchorage regulations, Med1, is here to assist you and make the process as stress free as possible.

Med1 is able to arrange your berth bookings as well as all formalities related to arrivals, clearance, immigration, and related documentation. This includes Visa applications, Schengen, etc.

Additionally, our team can aid with your fuel and grey water arrangements further to the on board works our specialists can provide, including carpentry, repairs, metal works and upholstery changes, among others.

Med1 port services also incorporate technical assistance, provision of day workers and chandlery services, so that you can sit back and enjoy your yacht knowing that our experts have taken care of every little detail.


Whether you require fresh provisions, flower arrangements to impress your guests or uniforms for your crew to look professional on board, Med1 will source and deliver only the highest quality items, carefully selected from the best suppliers.

At Med1, provisioning is one of the vital parts of our business, therefore, we are proud to cooperate with world-class suppliers in Cyprus to ensure that you receive only the finest local produce. From Cavas with worldwide wines to local fishermen – we know the best people in the business.

Cyprus provides some of the finest seasonal and specialty ingredients such as alba truffle, beluga haviar, edible gold and more. Whatever you and your guests might be craving, we will make sure that you have fresh and local ingredients on board for our chef to create extraordinary meals with. After all, a yacht chef will only be as good as their ingredients.

In order to elevate the interior and exterior spaces of your yacht and impress your guests, Med1 is able to provide flower arrangements, luxurious decorations, toiletries and other supplies to ensure that even the most demanding Chief Stewardess is satisfied.

Additionally, we can provide uniforms, appliances or anything else your crew might require to look professional and be comfortable on board.

Concierge Services

Much like the concierges you would find in an exclusive hotel or member’s club, our concierge services are available offering shore side assistance to yachts as they sail around the world.

At Med1, we go above and beyond to make your wishes come true, whether this is a simple private flight booking and airport transfer or the event planning for an unforgettable time on board with special touches, such as music and fireworks, among others.

We can arrange your luxury car rental as well as your and the crew’s doctor appointments or taxi and hotel accommodations. This way you do not have to worry about making any arrangements and can focus on making the most out of your yacht experience.

To make the experience even more relaxing, Med1 provides beauty services including massage and manicure as well as beautician and hairdresser services with the most talented local professionals.

Laundry, special fabric cleaning and other on board related external services are also available to guarantee your comfort and peace of mind.


At Med1, we provide a full array of logistical support to ensure supplies are delivered in time and at any time on board the yacht. Whether this involves courier and postal services, package handling, storage and delivery or custom clearance and importation, we are here to make the process as fast and hassle free as possible.

Additionally Med1 recognizes that during your trip a number of expenses might occur, which is why we provide you with the option of APA and Cash to Master.

APA stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance and is a lump sum that allows you to cover all expenses during your yacht charter.

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