Luxury Yacht Charters

Some of the most memorable holiday experiences you can have is while chartering a yacht. 

With the assistance of the Captain and our expert knowledge of the cruising areas, at Med1 we will create a tailor-made charter, which will take you to the world’s most beautiful places while you enjoy unrivalled luxury on board.

Find the Ideal Yacht

Find the Ideal Yacht

We will help you find the ideal yacht in the East and West Mediterranean for you and your guests, with your preferred dates and destination in mind. 

Based on our years of experience and with the knowledge of our professional team, we recognize which yacht makes the perfect fit for your charter. 

Our charter agents will go out of their way to choose the best reputable yachts with teams that have the highest references from previous guests.

Check out your best options

Download our charter brochure and contact us to learn more about our packages and available yachts.


Trust our Expertise

Trust our Expertise

Whether you want to indulge in the local cuisine at Michelin Star restaurants, chase the adrenaline while enjoying water sports, experience the nightlife of the most upbeat cities, enjoy the most serene sunsets on anchorage, or even experience a combination of all – we promise you a charter journey that will be unforgettable for you and your guests.

The Med1 team will go above and beyond to handle all the logistics during, before and after your charter holiday ensuring you have everything you need. 

Let us take over the process of planning your travels so you can enjoy your trip from beginning to end.

Contact us so that we can create an efficient, magnificent and fully customized journey together, in order to ensure the delivery of the ideal charter journey for you!


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